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Celebrating Women Pharmacist Day

October 12, 2021 PQS Season 2 Episode 45
PQS Quality Corner Show
Celebrating Women Pharmacist Day
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PQS Senior Manager of Pharmacy Accounts, Nick Dorich, PharmD talks with Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA, about women in pharmacy and healthcare leadership in celebration of Women Pharmacist Day, Oct 12, 2021.

Blackburn provides a bit of background on this day of celebration and discusses pioneers who have helped shape the profession.

Hillary Blackburn is the Founder & Podcast Host, Talk to Your Pharmacist

Author, How Pharmacists Lead

Who are some of the women pioneers who have shaped the pharmacy profession?
What are some projects or ideas that are currently at the forefront of pharmacy discourse because of efforts from women leaders in pharmacy?
How can women pharmacists develop a career path and what are some resources that supports their career aspirations?